Welcome to a NEW Vanderkitten Experience!

You might have noticed things look waaaaay different here at Vanderkitten.com all of the sudden. We've been working to build a webstore that offer's a rock-solid shopping experience, faster fulfillment, and better brand representation. I'm really excited to have an Instagram feed directly on our home page, and we will be adding features over the coming months to tie in your posts to our product pages so customers can see how our gear looks in action! 

With this new site we've had to put close down the old one. I encourage you to create a NEW user profile as that information was not able to be brought over. If you have an outstanding order and would like to know the status, simply email me and I'll look into it as soon as possible! 

Keep and eye out for NEW casual gear coming on line late April/Early May and some very special Triathlon Transition mats from TMAT PRO are on their way! Late May will see a refresh of Triathlon gear and restock of the cycling apparel and socks! 

Vanderkitten is a tiny brand, but a true powerhouse. A decade of athletes leaving blood, sweat, skin and bone on the race course has ensured this brand's place in history!  Thank you for believing in Vanderkitten! 

-Dave Verrecchia, Creator/Designer, Vanderkitten

David Verrecchia
David Verrecchia