Super #KICKASS Vanderkitten Run Visor by Boco Gear

"All they will remember is the girl with the kitten passing them."

Our #kickass run visor is a pro-level accessory that completes your look with eye-popping hi-viz neon highlights everyone will notice as you pass them by. The back compression back gives you a perfect fit every time and has a large "Vanderkitten" word mark across the back so they know what crew you roll with. 

We've partnered with Boco Gear to bring these ultra-fierce visors to you! 

Feat not, these visors are perfect for the beach, the board, the greens and anywhere a technical visor will be appreciated. 

  • Beach
  • Run
  • Kayak
  • SUP
  • Podium
  • Fun 

Vanderkitten is closed due to Covid-19.

Vanderkitten is currently closed. We are focusing on the health and safety of our families at this time. Please follow us on Instagram @VanderkittenOfficial and our Facebook page. Sign up for our emails below to be the first to know when we are back up and running with brand new kit!  Please be safe!! XO- Vanderkitten