Warrior Pro Jersey | Blue

In 2005, Vanderkitten was created to address the need for an inspiring brand that united women who kick ass. In 2007 we set out to change the face of women's cycling as we saw the growth potential of the market if only it was seen as an action sport. This gave birth to one of the most popular cycling programs in history and the Warrior kit. 

For 2016 we have made a "faithful recreation" of this famous kit. As cycling apparel and patterns have advanced, we wanted to combine our 2016 "revelation" patterns with the look that "changed the face of women's cycling"! Although this piece was part of our catalog through iterations for 4 years, we've gone back to the original artwork produced in 2007 that fans saw in the 2008 season. We've revised the bibs and are offering this in 2 colors for 2017! 


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Vanderkitten is closed due to Covid-19.

Vanderkitten is currently closed. We are focusing on the health and safety of our families at this time. Please follow us on Instagram @VanderkittenOfficial and our Facebook page. Sign up for our emails below to be the first to know when we are back up and running with brand new kit!  Please be safe!! XO- Vanderkitten